Sometimes, it is good to revisit a post and try to add to it if possible. Since writing this post, I have found that I have slipped back into wasting a lot of time on my phone (which is NOT actually an Apple product, by the way). I was inspired by a guy that hired a “slapper” to keep him motivated and focused. What a concept! I wouldn’t actually do this, but I fully understand why someone would want to.

Here is the article from Yahoo: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/guy-hired-someone-slap-him-015800416.html

How much time do you spend on something other than work related items? Do you find yourself testing the company proxy servers and filters for something you can do to pass some time? Reading about college football is a nemesis for me so I have to focus more intently.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece on time wasters. Recently, I downloaded a productivity app for my phone and was quickly informed that I was running low on space. How could this happen? I decided to look through my applications to see what was filling up my time.


I wish I hadn’t done that! I was almost ashamed of what I saw. Three versions of angry birds, Farkle, paper toss, air hockey, and others.

Having these games on my phone themselves do not indicate any real harm. In fact, they can be a good reset for your brain from time to time. What I realized, however, was the amount of time my copies of these apps represented. Time wasted losing brain cells when I should have been writing you.

I do not actually know how much time I’ve lost. What I do know, however, is that I will be deleting anything that might cause me to waste that time again.

What is eating your productive time?